All 따효니 VODs

DateLengthPlayed GamesLink
Jan 27, 20221h46mLOST ARKWatch now
Jan 25, 20229h57mLOST ARKHigurashi no Naku Koro ni: WatanagashiWatch now
Jan 24, 20228h53mJust ChattingLOST ARKYu-Gi-Oh! Master DuelHigurashi no Naku Koro ni: WatanagashiWatch now
Jan 23, 202250mJust ChattingWatch now
Jan 22, 20228h15mJust ChattingLOST ARKYu-Gi-Oh! Master DuelHigurashi no Naku Koro ni: WatanagashiWatch now
Jan 21, 20226h26mJust ChattingYu-Gi-Oh! Master DuelWatch now
Jan 20, 202213h31mJust ChattingLOST ARKYu-Gi-Oh! Master DuelHigurashi: When They CryWatch now
Jan 20, 202259mJust ChattingWatch now
Jan 18, 20227h30mJust ChattingHearthstoneHigurashi: When They CryWatch now
Jan 18, 20224h15mLOST ARKWatch now
Jan 17, 20224h04mUNDECEMBERLeague of LegendsLOST ARKWatch now
Jan 16, 202212h05mLOST ARKHearthstoneThere Is No Game: Wrong DimensionLeague of LegendsWatch now
Jan 15, 20223h43mJust ChattingOverwatchWatch now
Jan 14, 202212h40mJust ChattingLOST ARKLeague of LegendsLove DeliveryWatch now
Jan 14, 202235mMini HealerJust ChattingWatch now
Jan 12, 202215h12mJust ChattingLOST ARKPC Building SimulatorInternet Cafe Simulator 2HearthstoneMini HealerWatch now
Jan 11, 20226h35mJust ChattingGoose Goose DuckWatch now
Jan 10, 20222h58mLOST ARKWatch now
Jan 9, 20222h13mJust ChattingWatch now
Jan 9, 20221h20mLeague of LegendsWatch now
Jan 8, 20227h28mLeague of LegendsLOST ARKGoose Goose DuckWatch now
Jan 7, 20227h27mLeague of LegendsWatch now
Jan 6, 20226h45mLeague of LegendsWatch now
Jan 5, 20224h17mLeague of LegendsWatch now
Jan 4, 20227h24mLeague of LegendsWatch now
Jan 3, 20229h37mLeague of LegendsWatch now
Jan 2, 20227h08mLeague of LegendsWatch now
Dec 31, 20216h44mLOST ARKWatch now
Dec 31, 20213h43mLeague of LegendsWatch now
Dec 30, 20219h45mLeague of LegendsWatch now

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