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DateLengthPlayed GamesLink
Jan 21, 20223h31mJust ChattingWatch now
Jan 18, 20225h49mJust ChattingGetAmpedLove DeliveryWatch now
Jan 17, 20224h03mLeague of LegendsWatch now
Jan 12, 20222h52mLeague of LegendsWatch now
Jan 11, 20224h58mLeague of LegendsJust ChattingWatch now
Dec 28, 20214h16mJust ChattingWatch now
Dec 27, 20212h44mJust ChattingWatch now
Dec 20, 20217h31mJust ChattingLeague of LegendsWatch now
Dec 19, 20215h48mJust ChattingLeague of LegendsWatch now
Dec 17, 20216h24mLeague of LegendsWatch now
Dec 16, 20217h52mLeague of LegendsTeamfight TacticsWatch now
Dec 15, 20213h31mJust ChattingPoppy PlaytimeWatch now
Dec 13, 20212h32mJust ChattingStarCraftWatch now
Nov 27, 20213h21mJust ChattingWatch now
Nov 24, 20213h34mJust ChattingWorld of WarcraftWatch now
Nov 17, 202111h19mWorld of WarcraftWatch now
Nov 14, 20214h02mLeague of LegendsJust ChattingWatch now
Nov 13, 20216h00mLeague of LegendsWatch now
Oct 7, 20214h01mJust ChattingGames + DemosLeague of LegendsWatch now
Sep 29, 20213h41mJust ChattingLeague of LegendsWatch now

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